i run this command on the terminal

$ my_json_generator.rb | grep \"mtype\":164 | my_json_consumer.rb

json_generator creates json objects. 1 per line.

{"foo":7, "mtype":164, "bar":[1,2,3]}

I only need lines that contain mtype of 164 and for performance reasons ( and others outside the scope of this question ) i would like to avoid parsing the other json lines into objects. I recognize I could do this in code but need to avoid it.

So, the above command works on the terminal, but not in cron. Any suggestions appreciated.



I guess you have a $PATH problem.

Try putting the full PATH of the executables, or add at the beginning of your crontab :


* * * * * my_json_generator.rb | grep \"mtype\":164 | my_json_consumer.rb

What do you mean it doesn't work? Try removing the backslash from the Crontab entry. It might be double escaped.

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