I have a 10 node ring & all the nodes seem to share about the same amount of data except one is considerably less does anyone have ideas?

Rack        Status State   Load            Owns                Token 
rack1       Up     Normal  17.92 GB        10.00%              0                                        
rack1       Up     Normal  14.31 GB        10.00%              17014118346046923173168730371588410572 
rack1       Up     Normal  41.42 KB        10.00%              34028236692093846346337460743176821145
rack1       Up     Normal  17.68 GB        10.00%              51042355038140769519506191114765231718
rack1       Up     Normal  18.65 GB        10.00%              68056473384187692692674921486353642291
rack1       Up     Normal  18.33 GB        10.00%              102084710076281539039012382229530463436 
rack1       Up     Normal  17.44 GB        10.00%              119098828422328462212181112601118874009
rack1       Up     Normal  17.71 GB        10.00%              136112946768375385385349842972707284582 
rack1       Up     Normal  17.37 GB        10.00%              153127065114422308558518573344295695155 
  • you have a total of 90% of data in this ring, is this the full output of the nodetool's ring command? – Lyuben Todorov Mar 26 '13 at 19:06

"Owns" just covers the "primary range" for a node, which is the range counter-clockwise from that node until the next node. Token for a node determines what data in a whole range that node would maintain. Its possible that the data range in which the node's token lie makes it own on few KB of data, I would suggest running nodetool repair and then run nodetool ring to see the status. One more thing, whats your RF?

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