I want to check if a Vlan ( is accesible to Our network thorugh the firewall. I've logged into the fw through Linux console, I run the command route -n | grep 10.253.240. To find out what Interface it's on. I get answare back that it is on a Interface in the firewall, does this mean I should be able to Reach this vlan on the network, or is there another commando to check this?

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    If an interface on the firewall has that address range configured, it's likely that the firewall can route that subnet. The firewall rules may prohibit traffic from being routed to/from that network; it may not be reachable. What exactly do you mean by "reach this vLAN on the network" - what specific problem are you trying to resolve?
    – Chris S
    Mar 4, 2013 at 14:03

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You could try a ping on a machine within that subnet. If ICMP is disabled on the firewall, ping and traceroute commands won't work. If you want to check a specific service, try accessing a remote machine on that port with nmap.

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