I am bootstrapping a ec2 ubuntu based chef node using chef, it creates an instance but it says Failed to authenticate ubuntu - trying password authand asks for the password. But a newly created ubuntu ec2 instance will not have any kind of password set. Throws an error

ERROR: Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed: ubuntu@ec2-184-72-72-163.compute-1.amazonaws.com

How do I bypass this event and also whats the problem, do I have to make any changes in the configurations.

Kindly help me I am new to the chef.

  • are you even pointing to your ssh key you used to setup the ec2 instance? – Mike Mar 5 '13 at 7:08

My guess is you aren't using this

The SSH identity file used for authentication. Key-based authentication is recommended.
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You can also use "ssh-agent" and use "ssh-add" on you private key to let ssh know you want to use it, without specifying the "-i" option with invocation of ssh.

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