We use Nagios, and I get SMSs when something happens. Lots of other sysadmins also get texts. However is there any clever / cool other ways people have gotten nagios alerts?


Using XMPP / Jabber to send Instant Messages is pretty popular. Here is a short tutorial on how to set this up.


We show nagios alerts on our IRC channel using the NagiosIRC bot


We are using twitter, google chat, mail, and the best thing is the nagios firefox plugin

there are also hardware option like the nagios nabaztag mod


I know of people using push notifications with Growl/Prowl on the iPhone.


You might want to take a look at a project that we're working on called PagerDuty. It sends phone call and SMS alerts in response to incoming email. Quite a few of our customers use us with Nagios.

We've got some other fun features too: automatic escalation (your co-worker gets the call if you're unable to pick up) and on-call rotations (automatically route calls to your phone this week, and to your co-worker next week).

We're always looking to add more features to PagerDuty, so please let us know what you think!


Big red police light, SMS, traditional email, jabber message and a phone call, all depending on SLA on each server. Silent phone calls from a machine at 3am however is never a good thing... Especially when the machine has the audacity to come out of that state as soon as you drag your arse out of bed.


I prefer an actual pager over SMS. It is decidedly uncool, but they are more reliable and have wider coverage areas where I live. Also, POTS lines don't go offline as often as internet lines.

  • If it works for you, then great. Disclaimer - I've no experience with pagers. But do you really care that it's 'uncool' - as long as it works and gets your job done? +1 for using what works, -1 for self-deprecation :) – talonx Sep 17 '10 at 4:49

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