At the top of my lighttpd,conf file I have the following

server.modules = (
# "mod_rewrite",

At the bottom I addded

proxy.server = (".js" => (
    ( "host" => "", "port" => 3000 )

If I go to my JS file (containing console.log('test');) I get an Internal Server Error

I tried putting it in a $HTTP["host"] condition, and removing .js but neither work

Node is fine, if I run node test.js from command line, it works

  • So what's the error in the Lighttpd error log? – mgorven Mar 5 '13 at 22:32

So what service is running on port 3000? Try your request directly against that port (like curl http://localhost:3000/somename.js).

But I think you somehow got the misconception that nodejs is like php where you can run any .js file with nodejs as you run .php with php - that is not the case. nodejs is not a "CGI" interpreter by itself (although you could probably write one with nodejs that runs other js files).

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