We are repetitively getting:

The Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service was unable to process jobs in a mailbox database. Database: DB24

Error: Couldn't find system mailbox 'SystemMailbox{fc55d672-c669-4cb7-bb3b-ef091441ec8c}' in Active Directory.

Server's been rebooted, it's already on SP3 and we know the mailbox isn't there as

Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | fl Name

doesn't show the mailbox in question.

Any ideas?


If the mailbox doesn't exist you can create one:

New-Mailbox -Arbitration -Name "SystemMailbox{fc55d672-c669-4cb7-bb3b-ef091441ec8c}" -UserPrincipalName "SystemMailbox{fc55d672-c669-4cb7-bb3b-ef091441ec8c}@yourdomain.com"

Make sure to replace @yourdomain.com with your UPN suffix.

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