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I recently noticed that a sendmail server had the following at the top of the /etc/mail/sendmail.mc file:


This was breaking sendmail restarts so I changed it back to the default of divert(-1)

I'm 95% certain that this is just user error but as I don't explicitly manage the system in question, I don't want to make assumptions and wanted to double-check. Is swpivert(-1) a valid entry? What are acceptable values for the top of the sendmail.mc file?


This seems like an editing error where a line containing "sendmail.mc" was mangled with the first line which most probably was divert(-1)

It looks like while someone was in vi command (escape) mode, right after vi sendmail.mc, pasted the word "sendmail.mc" with the cursor on the top left position (over the letter d). Try it in a dummy file and you will get a similar result.

The .swp part shows that it was pasted from a vim backup file.

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    This is exactly what happened, only the pasted text would have been .sendmail.mc.swp. Mar 12 '13 at 17:27

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