I have a CentOS server that is running cPanel (shared hosting server), I have had troubles with MySQL before and I spent some time configuring and tuning it, until finally the load dropped (from 170%!! to 10% or so), until 2 days ago when MySQL started acting all crazy!

The server got "stuck", Apache and MySQL specifically! I logged and checked the /tmp directory with df and it was using 100% of the available space (2 GB), I ran du -h and it reported only 129 MB used space! I had no idea where is the other space gone, I tried lsof +L1 to see open files and it listed a whole bunch of open deleted files in the temp directory (most of them had 0 size) except for one owned by MySQL which had 1.5 GB, I killed the process and the space was freed.

I did not know what that file is as I don't know how to access it so what did cause this file? And what should `lsof +L`` usually output? is this output normal?

httpd    6450 nobody  559w   REG    8,2        0     0 2492169 /usr/local/apache/logs/ssl_mutex (deleted)
httpd    6450 nobody  560u   REG    8,4        0     0     151 /tmp/ZCUDj2EaZi (deleted)
httpd    6490 nobody  559w   REG    8,2        0     0 2492169 /usr/local/apache/logs/ssl_mutex (deleted)
httpd    6490 nobody  560u   REG    8,4        0     0     151 /tmp/ZCUDj2EaZi (deleted)
httpd    6528 nobody  559w   REG    8,2        0     0 2492169 /usr/local/apache/logs/ssl_mutex (deleted)
httpd    6528 nobody  560u   REG    8,4        0     0     151 /tmp/ZCUDj2EaZi (deleted)
mysqld  46096  mysql    4u   REG    8,4        0     0     141 /tmp/ibvvhkQX (deleted)
mysqld  46096  mysql    5u   REG    8,4      432     0     143 /tmp/ibrHhJ9J (deleted)
mysqld  46096  mysql    6u   REG    8,4        0     0     144 /tmp/ibsWv8sw (deleted)
mysqld  46096  mysql    7u   REG    8,4        0     0     145 /tmp/ibjEeVSi (deleted)
mysqld  46096  mysql   17u   REG    8,4        0     0     146 /tmp/ibFo67JJ (deleted)
httpd   47389   root  559w   REG    8,2        0     0 2492169 /usr/local/apache/logs/ssl_mutex (deleted)
httpd   47389   root  560u   REG    8,4        0     0     151 /tmp/ZCUDj2EaZi (deleted)

There are like 100 files but it's not like I'm gonna post it all.

It's not a heavily loaded server and it is even VERY powerful for the websites it serves, so this surely is a mis-configuration or a bug problem, here is my server's information:

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31230 @ 3.20GHz/ 8MB cache RAM: 16 GB OS: CENTOS 6.4 MySQL: 5.1.68

Sometimes MySQL's CPU usage is reaching over 100%, steadily increasing while mysqladmin show processlist is only showing few processes, and this is my my.cnf file:


And one important thing to mention is, the swap is being used sometimes while I still have plenty of free physical RAM, and I think this should not happen.

For some reason I think the server is sometimes having some DoS attacks, I don't know if that is related but I know this cos sometimes when I ran netstat I see some IPs with 250 open connections (and these are not search engine bots), if I block these IPs new IPs will start connecting and again 100 - 200 open connections from one IP.

Sorry if I made this longer than it needs to be, but I want to know how to troubleshoot this problem, mainly about the large MySQL temp file and the "steadily" increasing load.


  • I also wanted to ask, I was going to add a cron job that checks to see if there is any >1GB file opened by MySQL and restart MySQL so this does not happen again, temporarily until I find the solution, so is this safe? – AL-Kateb Mar 13 '13 at 14:47

I would recommend you to upgrade MySQL to latest version.

mysql_upgrade --force

replace slow_query_log with log-slow-queries=/var/lib/mysql/slow.log in my.cnf
then execute commands

touch /var/lib/mysql/slow.log
chmod 660 /var/lib/mysql/slow.log
chown mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql/slow.log

Remove innodb_file_per_table=1 from my.cnf too.

You can install CSF Firewall if you doubt you are under DDoS attack:

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