i have 2 centos vps, dovecot, sendmail and ssl are installed on both servers, i want to migrate the mail server from oldserver to newserver so i installed imapsync on both servers. I followed this tutorial, I use the ip address of my servers, instead of the hostname.

When i do:

imapsync --oldserverip --user1 Me@example.com --passfile1 /etc/secret2 --newserverip --user2 me@example.com --passfile2 /etc/secret2

I get:

Temp directory is /tmp PID file is /tmp/imapsync.pid Modules version
list: Mail::IMAPClient     3.32 IO::Socket           1.29
IO::Socket::INET     1.29 IO::Socket::SSL      ? Digest::MD5         
2.36 Digest::HMAC_MD5     1.01 Term::ReadKey        2.30 Authen::NTLM         1.09

Info: turned ON syncinternaldates, will set the internal dates
(arrival dates) on host2 same as host1. Info: will try to use LOGIN
authentication on host1 Info: will try to use LOGIN authentication on
host2 Host1: imap server [old server ip] port [143] user
[me@example.com] Host2: imap server [new server ip] port [143] user
[me@example.com] Failure: can not open imap connection on
[old server ip] with user [me@example.com]: IO::Socket::INET:
connect: Connection refused

If i use ssl1 option and specify which port i want to use i get this error:

dualvar is only available with the XS version of Scalar::Util at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/IO/Socket/SSL.pm line 38 BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/IO/Socket/SSL.pm line 38. Compilation failed in require at /usr/bin/imapsync line 3900.

I think there are missing dependencies as mentioned here

  • Mail-IMAPClient
  • Net-SSLeay
  • IO-Socket-SSL
  • Date-Manip
  • Term::ReadKey
  • Parse-RecDescent
  • Net-IDN-Encode
  • Unicode-Stringprep
  • Digest-MD5

But i don't know how to install them, they are not available using yum

  • Check if 143 is the right port. Eg. if you use TLS/SSL, you should use port number 993: --ssl1 / --tls1 and --port1 993
    – stderr
    Mar 13 '13 at 22:00
  • @stderr please read my edit
    – Lynob
    Mar 13 '13 at 23:13

a) For the "Connection refused" issue, change dovecot configuration to allow IMAP on the default port 143.

b) For the "dualvar is only available" issue see: https://alexcline.net/2012/02/02/message-dualvar-is-only-available-with-the-xs-version-of-scalarutil-error-in-centos-5/

From dovecot to dovecot rsync will be faster, by a magnitude of 100.

c) For the modules dependencies read http://imapsync.lamiral.info/INSTALL there are the package names to use with yum.

yum install perl-Mail-IMAPClient       # Mail::IMAPClient
yum install "perl(Term::ReadKey)"      # Term::ReadKey
yum install "perl(Authen::NTLM)"       # Authen::NTLM
yum install perl-Data-Uniqid           # Data::Uniqid
yum install perl-File-Copy-Recursive   # File::Copy::Recursive
yum install perl-IO-Tee                # IO::Tee
  • how to migrate email users and mails using rsync?
    – Lynob
    Mar 14 '13 at 0:31

For the missing dependencies, you will need to use a 3rd party repositories such as repoforge or epel.

  • epel is installed and i can't find the requirements using epel
    – Lynob
    Mar 14 '13 at 10:13

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