I have a server ProLiant ML110 G7, and need to access the bios on it. The problem is the USB ports are disabled. How can I access it?


I'm assuming there are no PS/2 Ports and so you can't use a USB keyboard to get into the BIOS if the ports are disabled in BIOS.

If you have connected/configured the iLO, you should be able to use that to connect to the remote console and get into the BIOS.

Otherwise, I would look at resetting the BIOS/NVRAM back to factory defaults. If you open up the case and take a look at the motherboard, fine the appropriate DIP Switches to reset the board to defaults. You can find the quick specs for the board here. Find the "system maintenance" piece and set the correct switch per the document:

When the system maintenance switch position 6 is set to the On position, the system is prepared to erase all system configuration settings from both CMOS and NVRAM.

NOTE: Clearing CMOS and/or NVRAM deletes configuration information. Be sure to properly configure the server or data loss could occur.

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