I have two servers. One has PHPCassa with a small app, the second has Cassandra install.

Here is the error I get:

An attempt was made to connect to every server twice, but all attempts failed. The last error was: TException:TSocket: Could not connect to ...*:9160 (Connection refused [111])

Here is my code:


use phpcassa\ColumnFamily;
use phpcassa\ColumnSlice;
use phpcassa\Connection\ConnectionPool;

$servers = array("***.**.***.***");
try {
    $pool = new ConnectionPool("test", $servers);
} catch (Exception $e)
    echo 'Erro with the connection!';
    echo $e->getMEssage();
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';
    try {
            $column_family = new ColumnFamily($pool, 'test');
    } catch (Exception $e)
            echo $e->getMessage();


Simple. Just need to change the rpc_address value from localhost to


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