I'm trying to install a new RDS-farm with session hosts in 2008R2 and the connection broker with 2012 and I can't find any information at all on this.


RDCB01, Connection Broker and Session Host roles installed.

RDSH01-16, Session host role installed.

On the connection broker I created a new collection under "Remote desktop services", I then added all my session hosts to local group "RDS Endpoint Servers".

On RDSH01-16 I have added the session hosts to the farm with the collection name i created on RDCB01.

In the DNS i have added collection.domain.com to all RDSH and the RDCB.

In 2008R2 you can set the connection broker to "farm redirection" so the users never get logged on there, but I can't find this in 2012. The only thing I can find is under Remote Desktop Services -> Collections and host servers where I can set allow/don't allow new connections, if I set "don't allow" when the users try to logon to collection.domain.com once in a while they still try to logon to rdcb01 and get an error message saying "no new connections is allowed.."

How do I set the RDCB to "dedicated farm redirection"? Is it even possible to have 2008R2 session hosts with a 2012 connection broker?


Your connection broker should not be in collection.domain.com, only the session hosts should be. The session hosts talk to the session broker, not the clients.


No, it is not possible. There isn't a Session Brokers Computer group and apparently it is just not possible. I myself have not had a definitive answer on this from Microsoft, but no one else can get it to work.

2008 = 2008 2012 = 2012 2008 x 2012

I too had this same problem.

  • Likewise, I've been struggling for several hours to add 2012 to a 2008 server farm or vice versa and there seems to be no way to make this happen – Geronimo Jul 7 '16 at 22:53

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