Assuming the file was downloaded over http is this possible? I'm guessing there could be some way to do it using a hash and a timestamp however I'm not sure how you could prove nothing was tampered with including the downloaded file itself.

EDIT: As vonbrand suggested if the origin site provided a signed cert it would be a start. However, if the site doesn't provide any certs is there a clever way to loop in some third party?


Whatever you have on your machine, you can fake all day long. The file would have to come with some sort of independent proof, probably a signed certificate given by the origin website.

  • Thanks. Unfortunately the origin site doesn't provide any certs. I'm wondering if there is some clever way to loop in a third party. – ajw0100 Mar 23 '13 at 20:34

Do you of any tech savvy lawyers that can provide a suitable certificate?

Public notaries make excellent third parties.

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