I installed Amazon Command Line Tools (AWS-CLI) using:

pip install awscli

It installed successfully. I then created a file in this location: /opt/aws/aws_cred.txt

aws_access_key_id = XYZ
aws_secret_access_key = XYZ
region = XYZ

Then I ran this command:

export AWS_CONFIG_FILE=”/opt/aws/aws_cred.txt”

Then I get this when I try to run this command: aws ec2 describe-regions

botocore.exceptions.ConfigNotFound: The specified config file (”/opt/aws/aws_cred.txt”) could not be found.

What else could I do? Does it need to be executable, owned by a certain user, what? The file is definitely there but it can't find it.



export AWS_CONFIG_FILE=”/opt/aws/aws_cred.txt”


export AWS_CONFIG_FILE="/opt/aws/aws_cred.txt"

(Hint: one uses "smart" quotes.)

Edit: to be less oblique, your use of smart quotes is causing the problem.

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Have you tried searching for it?

find / -name aws_cred
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