I am using /usr/bin/reposync --arch=x86_64 --repoid=rhel-6-server-rpms --download_path=/data/repos --plugins --downloadcomps

It creates /data/repos/rhel-6-server-rpms and downloads the packages in /data/repos/rhel-6-server-rpms/Packages. I don't like that last part: Packages, because I have to put /Packages behind the baseurl of my repo conf.

What can I do? I didn't find an option in reposync to define this. Moving after download won't be a good idea (I think), because reposync will then download everything again each night.


I think you should proceed with updating your Yum repo configuration files to carry the Packages part.

But, if you're adamant about doing this, change the Packages directory into a symbolic link.

mv -i /data/repos/rhel-6-server-rpms/Packages/* /data/repos/rhel-6-server-rpms
ln -s /data/repos/rhel-6-server-rpms/ /data/repos/rhel-6-server-rpms/Packages

The next time you run reposync, it will maintain the symbolic link.

  • In my case, I needed to translate the path components from 6repo to repo/6/x86_64/, and your suggestion about links worked perfectly – Samveen Apr 20 '15 at 10:37

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