Just a quick question that I'm having trouble Googling for some reason.

When I fork a process in bash like this:

$ mything &

And it completes 10 seconds later, it interrupts my terminal like this:

[1]+  Done          mything

Is there a way to disable this? I want to run it in the background but I want it to never come back and tell me anything, ever.

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  1. disown after forking
  2. Run it in screen: screen -dm mything

The second one has the advantage of you being able to re-attach and see the output before it finishes, if you'd like.


Try using disown...

Try the following - which will not return text....

sleep 5 &
disown %1

This will never tell you the job has completed.


A subshell is probably the cleanest approach:

( sleep 1 & )

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