I'm on RHEL. How can i extend the log interval of SAR Reports to be more then a month? Normally the daily SAR reports are something like:

[root@server /]# cat /var/log/sa/sa
sa01      sa21      sa23      sa25      sa27      sa29      sa31      sar21     sar23     sar25     sar27     sar29     sar31     
sa20.bz2  sa22      sa24      sa26      sa28      sa30      sar20     sar22     sar24     sar26     sar28     sar30 

It means it stores daily reports for one month only.

  • How do i store (for e.g) 3 months?

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sar appends the day-of-month to each file, so as you've seen it will only keep one month's worth of data.

To keep more, simply archive the output to another directory. sar will still be able to read them using the -f flag.


You can do this by setting the HISTORY parameter to the number of days you want to keep the log files. The configuration file is /etc/sysconfig/sysstat. Although the maximum number of days you can set is 28, if you want to keep the saDD format log files in the /var/log/sa directory only, you are still allowed to set it to greater than 28 days. If set to more than 28 days, the log files will be stored in a month-by-month directory. So your sar log files will be pointing to a symlink to YYYYMM/saDD log file. This will be taken care of by the sa1 script in cron.

Check out the following links for the details - monthly sar reports and systat facts (section 2.19).

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