I have a server with a few IPs. I only want ONE Host (A) record to point from its name to one IP, and not to any of the others, which I am using other names for.

I'm not sure what triggers it, but I can delete the extra Host (A) records and refresh and they're not there, and then come back a few minutes later and refresh and they're back. It may have been that I did ipconfig /flushdns or cleared the server DNS cache, or maybe it's something else, but in any case, how can I stop it?


Easiest way would be on the server in question in the Advanced TCP/IP settings under the DNS tab to uncheck the "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" for any NIC you DON'T want registered.

If you have a single NIC with multiple IPs then do the same thing, but then you'll need to add a static Host (A) record in DNS for the server to make sure an entry exists for the name/IP match you want used still.

Register this connection...

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