I have a problem with my server. I recently replaced ESXi for Linux Debian,
and i want to mount my second disk on my debian installation using vmfs-fuse.
I already installed the vmfs-fuse package, and tested is but did not work.

I'm trying to mount a physical disk which was the second datastore of ESXi into debian. Except when I try to mount it as following:

note: i'm already logged in as root user.

vmfs-fuse /dev/sdb1/ /mnt/fs

When i press enter i get the following error:

vmfs unsupported version 5

I've searched on google, but didn't find any results... I hope someone can help me with this problem, because there is some data on that disk that I need.

Thanks in advance,



Your installed vmfs-fuse/vmfs-tools, but the version you've installed does not support VMFS version 5, the version native to ESXi 5. There's some limited support in an advanced build of vmfs-tools, but it's probably not the version of the software you installed.

Can you report the version of vmfs-tools you installed?

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