For my house I just wanted to setup a caller Id system that would auto-reply on certain callers to avoid harements. Any sugestion for this?

I'm thinking on a Linux + Asterisk + PSTN Card with caller Id and configure asterisk to handle these calls, I need to be able to answer some of the calls on the normal phone so this would just be work a bit like an IDS.


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Not sure this belongs to SF but you could get most modems using Intel 537P (AKA Ambient MD3200 ) chipset to be recognized as Digium Wildcard X100P clone by Asterisk. Do not confuse it with Intel 537EP (newer but unsupported chip).

  • 537P is rectangular chip

enter image description here

  • 537EP is square 64-pin TQFP

enter image description here

Also pay attention to which version G(global) or U(USA) you get.

  • Cool, just found out that in Brasil the Caller Id is paid monthly to a operator... Apr 3, 2013 at 20:17

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