Objects larger than 5GB are supported with multi-part uploading. We have 5gb+ files in one bucket already that I'd like to move to another, under the same AWS account. When I issue the command using s3cmd:

s3cmd mv s3://BUCKET1/OBJECT1 s3://BUCKET2[/OBJECT2]

I comes back with the error:

ERROR: S3 error: 400 (InvalidRequest): The specified copy source is larger than the maximum allowable size for a copy source: 5368709120

If it's at all possible, I presume it will not be able to be moved over without extra bandwidth/cost. Even so, I'm trying to figure out if you can move large files in some sort of multi-part method.


Currently, what you're trying to do can't be done in a single operation. Move in S3cmd to the API is essentially a copy and delete all in one and it's a restriction of the copy operation.


You can store individual objects of up to 5 TB in Amazon S3. You create a copy of your object up to 5 GB in size in a single atomic operation using this API. However, for copying an object greater than 5 GB, you must use the multipart upload Upload Part - Copy API


The examples in this section show you how to copy objects greater than 5 GB using the multipart upload API. You can copy objects less than 5 GB in a single operation.

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