Device: cisco small business 300-10 10-Port Gigabit Managed Switch


The config installation via webinterface with TFTP or http fails with following message in the console interface:

CSB-99#19-Jul-2012 19:58:21 %AAA-I-CONNECT: New http connection for user cisco, source destination ACCEPTED
19-Jul-2012 19:59:49 %COPY-I-FILECPY: Files Copy - source URL tftp:// destination URL running-config
19-Jul-2012 20:00:50 %AAA-I-DISCONNECT: http connection for user cisco, source destination TERMINATED
19-Jul-2012 20:01:06 %TFTP-N-TIMERSEND: Session is closed after timeout is expired
19-Jul-2012 20:01:06 %COPY-W-TRAP: The copy operation has failed

In the Webinterface is following message:

Bytes Transferred: 11264
Status: copy failed
Error message: Copy: Copy completed with errors.

It seems he tries to copy the configuration file but in the running-config are unreasonable configrations.

I have tried importing a working image from another device with the same type and firmware. In my opinion the problem is not the config file.

Any Solutions? Thanks =)


I have directly copied the configuration file via the webinterface to the startup-config. With a reload the config is not messed up.

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