I have recently tried to install passenger on nginx. The installation works and everything is good. However I would like to run roundcube webmail on my server as well.

Basically my problem is that nginx has the root directive set to the passenger app:

root /home/me/www/hello/public

and roundcube is created as a symlink on the server as:


My question how do I get the url www.my-server.com to refer to the normal root but www.my-server.com/webmail to refer to the roundcube folder?

I have tried variations on the following in my nginx.conf with no luck:

location /webmail/ {
    #root /home/me/www;
    alias /home/me/www;
    try_files $uri /index.php;
    passenger_enabled off;

The above configuration results in 403 forbidden when using www.my-server.com/webmail and File not found when using the URI: www.my-server.com/webmail/index.php.

Any ideas?


That was a bit tricky but I found the solution in the nginx documentation about location.

As there is a location directive matching .php files this will take precedence over the /webmail/ location and since this does not declare a root location the global root will be used which still points to the passenger folder.

The solution was to add a root directive to the php matching location and limit php execution to the webmail path, like so:

index index.html index.htm index.php

location /webmail/ {
    root /home/me/www;

location ~ /webmail/.*\.php$ {
    root /home/me/www;

Now everything works.

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