I would however like to kickstart new servers based on RHEL 5.7. Both official Red Hat channels in Satellite are already updated to RHEL 5.9 and RHEL 6.4 though.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 for 64-bit x86_64) 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64) 

Can I create a frozen RHEL 5.7 channel based on the official Red Hat Channel that is already updated to the latest RHEL 5.9 on the Satellite server?

If not, how can I create a kickstartable RHEL 5.7 channel?


Do you have the 5.7 distribution as a kickstartable tree? If so, you can create a new kickstart profile for your RHEL5 channel, using the 5.7 distribution, and then make sure you don't update the box in %post


have you looked into using the spacewalk-create-channel program? http://blog-zokahn.rhcloud.com/?p=219

Should be something like this:

spacewalk-create-channel -v 5 -s Server -u U7 -a x86_64 –d rhel5u7 –N “RHEL 5.7 channel”
  • Thanks a lot, spacewalk-clone-by-date caused me a lot of trouble with non-working channels, but spacewalk-create-channel works great. It does make me wonder why the newly created channel (rhel5u7) has only 2500 packages instead of 5500 that the clone-by-date channel has. – ujjain Apr 23 '13 at 7:43
  • check the contents of the channels; my bet is that clone-by-date keeps all previous versions of the updated packages, while spacewalk-create-channel only takes those who came with the 5u7 release or something like that... – Petter H Apr 23 '13 at 13:49
  • Yes, that seems correct, but how do I secure a channel created with spacewalk-create-channel? It seems RHEL 5.7 was released in 2011-07-21, so the channel hasn't had bug-fixes/security-updates since that date? – ujjain Apr 27 '13 at 14:05
  • I would have channels constantly syncing from RHN and then on a regular basis I'd clone from there and move my systems to those. I'd do this on a regular basis and not care so much about minor releases. – Petter H Apr 27 '13 at 16:13

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