I've a webserver with several sites and I'm trying to run a script by crontab but it gives me a error (126 and 127)

My script is in:


When I run the command:

php /var/www/site1/script.php

The script work as normal.

I've created a script.sh that contains


/usr/local/php5/bin/php /var/www/site1/script.php

If I run

sh script.sh Works

In crontab, I've entered this:

35 13 * * * /var/www/site1/script.sh

And I get this in syslog

Apr 12 13:35:01 webserver /USR/SBIN/CRON[13331]: (root) CMD (/var/www/site1/script.sh)

Apr 12 13:35:01 webserver /USR/SBIN/CRON[13330]: (CRON) error (grandchild #13331 failed with exit status 126)

What am I doing wrong?


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You should try it this way

/usr/local/bin/php -q /path/to/your/script.php

It is a permission issue on the file as explained in the link above, change the file permission to 755

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