I have an .htaccess file that is shared between a number of websites. Each of these sites are served from the same set of files but load a different configuration based on the domain name they run on.

However, I need to add a number of 301 redirects and I'm running into a small problem. I only want the redirects to execute for a specific domain, not for each of the domains the .htaccess is used by. E.g. I want to redirect mysite1.com/some/path to redirect to mysite2.com/some/other/path but the problem is that if /some/path also exists for mysite3.com it's also redirected.

What I basically need is something like:

<if host = mysite1.com>
  Redirect /some/path http://mysite2/some/other/path

Is this possible in .htaccess?


It is possible, by adding a condition to your RewriteRule eg.

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.othersite1.com$   [OR,NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.othersite2.com$   [NC]
RewriteRule ^some/path        http://mysite2/some/other/path [R]

What this does is:

  • Then it tests if the URL requested matches "some/path". Remember that in a .htaccess context the URLs are relative to the directory your .htaccess file is in. If this matches the conditions above it are avaluated.
  • Since the two conditions are OR-ed together, only one needs to match. In this example I have two domains I want this rule to redirect for. You can easily add more.
  • Finally the URL is rewritten, and redirected...
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