I've successfully connected github to redmine and whenever someone puts an issue reference in a commit message and pushes it to github, a comment is added to the redmine issue referring back to the git commit. This is all fine and well, except that I end up with duplicates. I'm not sure what causes the duplicate, but I think it's when the commit is part of a non-fast-forward merge.

What can I do to prevent the duplicates? I had a look at the github hook to understand how it was getting a list of git commits, but couldn't follow it.


Do you have multiple branches in your repo?

Each time a commit is merged into a another branch, github will trigger the hook and write another comment to Redmine.

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  • how can i modify the hook so that it excludes already pushed commits? i know how to do this with a shell command, but i'm very lost when reading the ruby. – Jayen Aug 13 '13 at 21:12

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