I have an existing user who cannot currently archive in Lotus Notes 8.5.

She is set up to the same settings as everyone else, with the archive folder being located on a server, but her archiving says nothing is being archived when she runs a manual archive.

There also seems to be no trace of her a_username.nsf file nor the l_username.nsf file on the server share where everyone else's lives.

When she clicks on the archive criterion in the folder list, it says her nsf doesn't exist.

I am not very well clued-up on Lotus Notes, and I can't seem to force the system to make her archive databases.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

  • What errors are you seeing on the mail archive server (assuming it's domino rather than a file server)? – booyaa May 2 '13 at 8:04

If it's a server based archive you have to configure your Domino server to run the archive task based on a schedule. This will create the archive database based on the archive profile in the users mailfile. You can run the archive task once manually by issuing "load compact -a" on the console.

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