I would like to keep checking a log file(named myapp.log) located on a remote web server & keep the up-to-date content of this file showing to me (by using the linux command tail -f myapp.log). The name of the remote web server is service

This remote web server can only be accessed through other 2 remote servers (named Alpha & Beta). So, I have to establish several SSH connections in order to access the remote service server. like below:

Step 1, SSH to Alpha server:

ssh myname@alpha.server.org (password is required)

(Now, I'm on Alpha server)

Step 2, SSH to Beta server through Alpha:

ssh beta.server.org (password is required)

(Now, I am on Beta)

Step 3, SSH to service server through Beta:

sudo ssh service (password is required)

(Now, I am on Service server)

Step 4, open my server log file:

tail -f myapp.log

Every time, I have to execute the above commands on terminal in order to access myapp.log file. The most boring part is the connection only keep alive for 20min, then I have to run those commands again to access the myapp.log file.

Is there a way that I could keep the connections alive all the time, that I can see the myapp.log content all the time without making those SSH connections every 20min ?

I need this for both Mac machine & Windows 7 machine. Any suggestions?


It would help if you knew why the server drops your connection..

On Mac OSX, you can set the timeout for Terminal.app in /.ssh/config put:

ServerAliveInterval 300
ServerAliveCountMax 3

In windows I assume you're using putty, under the Connection option, set the
Seconds between keepalives to a non 0 number.

The Mac option is for your user's personal connections, if you want to change the behavior for any user, set it in /etc/ssh/ssh_config

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