How would I go about mapping files.example.com to an Amazon S3 bucket using Amazon's Route 53 service? I've attempted to add a CNAME record but I get the following:

enter image description here

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    If you got your screenshot from files.example.com, you've done the CNAME setup correctly. That's an AWS permissions error, probably caused by the object you're accessing not being world-readable. – ceejayoz Apr 18 '13 at 19:51

Create a CNAME record for files.example.com with content of s3.amazonaws.com.

The bucket will need to be named files.example.com.

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  • This is quite old, but nowadays, If the bucket is named after the subdomain (eg both are files.example.com) then you can just create an A record with an alias to that bucket, which has many benefits over a CNAME. – Lior Dec 12 '18 at 19:48

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