We are connecting three offices via fiber optics. For each office we have one switch. In each office there will be one PC which has to be isolated in a VLAN A. There will be other PCs but those three have to be in this VLAN A.

Each PC is connected to port 1 on a switch, through switch management on each switch we say on port 1 there is a VLAN A. Switches are not stackable. Will those three PCs see each other, or do we need to do something else? Will they be isolated from other traffic?



For this to work, you have to connect switches using their trunk ports (just set the switch-to-switch connection port to trunk mode). Then set port1 to VLAN A, and all the other ports will stay in another VLAN (the one you have configuired now, or in a native VLAN, if nothing is configured yet).

The PCs in vlan A will then see eachother, but won't see anything else. If you want any other connections, you have to set up routing between VLANs and/or outside (internet).

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