I know this is a gimme question, but I genuinely would like to add more sysadmin related feeds to my reader, so please list the contents of your feedreader.

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Blackhat SEO

  • http://contempt.me/ - Totally a jerk, possibly illegal. Blog spam, spam rings, and the like. But an interesting look into administration of hundreds or thousands of tiny sites.



Just one from me - I follow afp548.com for Mac OS X admin news. There are also some good mailing lists for OS X sysadmins, such as macos-x-server@lists.apple.com and macenterprise@lists.psu.edu.

Planet Sysadmin

Great aggregation of sysadmin blogs.

SAGE Mailing List

Killer advice and discussion from experienced sysadmins.

LOPSA Discuss

The US League of Professional Sysadmins general discussion list.

O'Reilly Radar

Some great sysadmin content here with a dedicated Operations stream - plenty of 21st Century sysadmin material to enjoy and think about.

There is a big aggregation of sysadmin blogs at planet sysadmin:


VM side of sysadmin stuff:




Some of my favorite sysadmin/operations/IT blogs:

If you're dealing with Active Directory: ActiveDir.

fedora-devel-list@redhat.com -- especially enjoying to read threads where Lennart Poettering starts a round dance.

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