I want to create an augeas lens to modify mailman lists. The lists are stored in a binary file which can be exported to a plaintext file using config_list -o /tmp/config my_list and reimported by replacing -o by -i.

The goal is to build an augeas tree like this:

/mailman/my_list/real_name = "my mailman list"
/mailman/my_list/description = "This is my first list"
/mailman/another_list/real_name = "my other list"
/mailman/another_list/description = "This is just another list"

Is is possible to build a lens which produces the given tree by using the mailman commands list_lists and config_list?

Thanks, krissi


Augeas cannot work directly with input/output commands. However, you could use bindings with the aug_store and aug_retrieve API calls in Augeas 1.0.0 to manipulate the strings in memory.

As an example, you might be interested in auggrep, a small bash utility using Augeas to parse logs (kind of a proof of concept thus far).

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