• We have a web server with many Web Sites.
  • Each web site has it's own application pool.
  • Currently all application pools use the identity of the same domain user.

When one of the sites starts to use 100% of CPU we cannot see which site is responsible. One solution is to give each one a different identity.

Is there a way to identify which application pool is connected to which site without giving them different identities?


IIS 7.x has a built-in worker process view, including (per w3wp process):

  • Application Pool Name.
  • Process ID.
  • State.
  • CPU %.
  • Private Bytes (KB).
  • Virtual Bytes (KB).

To access this view, simply:

  1. Open up the IIS Manager (inetmgr)
  2. Select the Web Server in the left pane
  3. Double-click the "Worker Processes" feature icon in the center pane
  4. Voila: Worker Process view

Technet Reference

  • Nice - i did not know that (or had forgotten it.) – mfinni Apr 26 '13 at 16:07

From command line run as administrator in %windir%\system32\inetsrv appcmd list wp

This will show you the processid associated with each site that you can compare with the task manager.


Use Process Explorer from MS - the executable details on the process that is soaking up your CPU, will show you the string that corresponds to your app pool.

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