FakeDomain.com 's DNS servers at the registrar is ns1.fakeserver.com & ns2.fakeserver.com . This can't be updated. I can change the zone file for ns1.fakeserver.com & ns2.fakeserver.com . The server for FakeDomain.com is a cloud site with rackspace - so I don't want to have an A record that would point to the current IP - as I beleive that could change (right?)

What would a zone file for ns1.fakeserver.com look like if it was point to dns1.stabletransit.com and dns1.stabletransit.com (rackspace.com's) nameservers for FakeDomain.com?

Would this work for a zone file to ns1.fakeserver.com? (no A record):

; BIND db file for fakedomain.com 

$TTL 86400

@       IN      SOA     dns1.stabletransit.com.      joe.fakeserver.com. (
                    2013042601   ; serial number YYMMDDNN
                    28800           ; Refresh
                    7200            ; Retry
                    864000          ; Expire
                    86400           ; Min TTL )

            NS      dns1.stabletransit.com.
            NS      dns2.stabletransit.com.

            MX      10 mx1.emailsrvr.com.
            MX      20 mx2.emailsrvr.com.


  • In the simplest terms, I want my nameserver to ask dns1.stabletransit.com for the ip of fakedomain.com. Is that possible? How do I do it? – Joe Apr 26 '13 at 15:45

What you need is a CNAME record. Add something like:

www.fakedomain.com  CNAME myserver.rackspace.com 

to your zone file...

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