I'm planning on buying a Synology NAS, one of the + models. I'm wondering what the performance would be like if I use it as the main disk for my ESXi 5 server. I mainly run Debian and run web and file servers.

I want to make an iscsi and mount it to ESXi and then create vmfs for my servers. The network is run on a switch with full gigabit bandwidth.


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    Synology offers NAS from 200$ - 20 000$ so you should be more specific. – chewbakka Apr 27 '13 at 18:52

From personal experience there are two things to consider (currently using a 1512+). One: If you plan on using this for a datastore, do not use WD red drives. They are made for low IO mass storage. Two: if you want to use link aggregation it does not work on Cisco switches (or at least not on the SG-x00 models.) Beyond that all normal disk/raid level performance tips apply.

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