I have a service based on parsing apache access logs, so I need to log there even when Vanish is turned on.

No I just simply tell Varnish to do not cache specific urls:

if (req.url ~ "(foo|bar)") 

But it's heavy on resources and it should be cached. Is there any posibility to log a request on apache access log when Varnish returns a cached copy to client?

why not just use varnishes logger up front and add to the log on varnish if it was a hit or a miss


Look at the following

  Extended variables. Supported variables are:

     Time to the first byte from the backend arrived
     Whether the request was a cache hit or miss. Pipe and pass are considered misses.
     How the request was handled, whether it was a cache hit, miss, pass, pipe or error.
     Output value set by std.log("key:value") in VCL.

By default it'll send everything to stdout.. but you can redirect it

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