I'm trying to set up an apache2 reverse proxy to cache images. (Apache, not nginx required)

There appear to be headers being cached, but not images,css etc.

My config:

CacheEnable disk /
CacheDirLevels 5
CacheDirLength 3

Header unset Cache-Control
CacheIgnoreNoLastMod On
CacheIgnoreCacheControl On
CacheMaxFileSize 100000000
CacheIgnoreNoLastMod On
CacheMaxExpire 1209600
CacheIgnoreQueryString On
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A600
ExpiresByType image/png A600
ExpiresByType image/jpeg A600
ExpiresByType text/css A600
ExpiresByType text/javascript A600
ExpiresByType application/x-javascript A600
ExpiresByType image/x-icon A600

... find /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary/E8t /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary/E8t/g9u /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary/E8t/g9u/8de /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary/E8t/g9u/8de/VLu /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary/E8t/g9u/8de/VLu/3Io /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary/E8t/g9u/8de/VLu/3Io/qHld08w.data /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache/yLp/RoH/iGt/8Dm/4KZ/uhEhPIw.header.vary/E8t/g9u/8de/VLu/3Io/qHld08w.header

find /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache|grep jpeg & find /var/cache/apache2/mod_disk_cache|grep css result in nothing.

From error log (debug) [Sun Apr 28 14:22:36 2013] [debug] mod_cache.c(751): cache: Caching url: /~/media/Images/2011_01_LR_jpg.jpg [Sun Apr 28 14:22:36 2013] [debug] mod_cache.c(757): cache: Removing CACHE_REMOVE_URL filter.


I think mod_cache doesn't work out of the box, so you should tweak your apache httpd config or
vhost config: First on the Directory where the static files are located you would want to set:

    <FilesMatch "\\.(|pdf|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|)$"> 
    Header unset Last-Modified 

Also in your cache_mod config as far as I remember you need to specify CacheRoot path:

    CacheRoot /path/to/your/cache_folder

Hope this helps.

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  • Added those, restarted apache, still no love. hrmm thanks though. – shortiez Apr 28 '13 at 21:47
  • Can you please paste full debug trace? – Danila Ladner Apr 28 '13 at 23:49

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