I have client PC with openSUSE 12.2 with KDE desktop and Dolphin file manager and server for file sharing with Windows Server 2008 R2. Of course, the first I tried to do is to use Samba and typed into Dolphin:


And directory opened with all files. One of the problems is that I need to enter password in every 5 minutes after i close Dolphin. It should remember credentials before i logout. Second problems is that Linux won't open any network files. It must be copied to local directory before it can be opened and it's very big problem because i spend lot of time copying big files that i should only open on network location and run. People said that smb is not optimized for this use and NFS is much better for linux.

So, I installed a Role in Server 2008 called File Services and Services for Network File System in it. And after that, i shared a folder in server (Properties > NFS Sharing) and typed in Dolphin:


And directory opened, but same as in smb, you cannot view or open any network files. Is this problem part of protocol or it is a security issue in Linux?

Please, if you know, help me to find out.


It sounds like you want to access the files / folders from the MSWindows machine on Linux - in which case you should just mount the remote filesystem on your Linux server.

(Programs compiled with KDEs I/O slaves should be able to access the file directly via SMB - but it's not a clean solution).

You can either mount the shares automatically when Linux starts up, or manually via the shell, or set up pam to automatically mount the shares when you login (using the password supplied at login - hence using pam to authenticate against the LDAP origin for MSWindows auth would be a good idea).

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