I use Open Grid Scheduler (a fork/copy of Sun Grid Engine).

I have tried this configuration from master:

# qconf -mattr exechost complex_values slots=8 slave2
# qconf -mq all.q | grep slots
slots                 100,[slave1=1],[slave2=8]

slave1 is down, then I run 10 qsub with a sleep example (so no CPU consumption) but only 4 jobs are run at the same time on slave2 instead of I have put 8 slots.

What does I missed ?

PS: my goal is to provide infinite slots to force SGE to schedule only via consummable ressources.


I'd try running qalter -w p on one of the queued jobs to see why it doesn't start. Also check the state of the queues to ensure they aren't in an alarmed state.

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