I want to install Office Communications Server on Server 2008. I have never installed OCS and I am looking for a good walkthrough of the installation process.


For our installation, I used the TechNet documentation.



Be sure to grab all the documentation and sort through it at the link a_hardin posted. In some cases the information you need will be in one document or another. Unfortunately, though, I don't know that any of it references an installation on Windows Server 2008.


I believe only R2 of OCS 2007 supports 2008, and it requires 64bit.

Read through the installation documentation a couple of times and you'll be fine, also you could setup a virtual environmnent to test the installation with. That's what I did the first time I setup OCS.


So far I have made it through all the steps successfully up to starting the services which I think is because I need to get my certificates in order. The setup routine is very nicely setup and guides you through anything you need to know.

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