I have been researching single-board computers for use as a low-end web server. I want to create some internal web sites that will not have too much traffic (~20 users, occasional use during the day). I have looked at the Arduino Ethernet, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBoard, but I'm not sure which one will best suite my needs. (BTW this needs to be cheap. In the range of $25-$100 for a server that will meet all of my needs).

I want a server that has:

  • Some flavor of Linux with an sshd
  • Something in the magnitude of 10 Gb storage.
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI, USB not required unless you can convince me I need it. :)
  • I'm not sure about memory requirements. A lot of these have 512 Mb. Is that enough?
  • I really want it to be able to run node.js.
  • Power: I don't have power over ethernet, so it would need a PSU.

I looked at this list in wikipedia, which is great, but I would love to see a grid of different prices and options somewhere.


  • Is there a list of single-board computers, their function, options, pricing somewhere on the net?
  • Do you know of a specific single-board computer that would meet my needs?

Thank you!

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    Shopping/product recommendation questions are off-topic on all Stack Exchange sites. Please refer to the FAQ and this blog entry explaining this further. – Sven May 2 '13 at 13:34
  • @SvW Bummer. Is there a way I can get answer somehow? Can I reframe the question? Where can I ask this? – Jess May 2 '13 at 13:35
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    As SvW says above, this question is off-topic for all Stack Exchange sites. As you mentioned, Wikipedia does have a good list of single-board computers. You could get a Raspberry Pi and use a 16GB or 32GB memory card. Or just call it and get a basic webhosting plan with someone. – tombull89 May 2 '13 at 13:38
  • Howver, feel free to drop into ServerFault's chat room or have a ask on the Raspberri Pi StackExchange chat room. – tombull89 May 2 '13 at 13:40
  • For $25-100 just experiment...get the Pi and if it doesn't suit your needs get another sub $100 box to mess with. – TheCleaner May 2 '13 at 13:40

Raspberry Pi would be my natural choice. You can stick a pretty big SD card in.

Here's a page about node.js on the pi

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    I did something very uncharacteristic for me and just bought one. I'm going to do a POC on it with node.js. Wish me luck! :D Marked as answer b/c Pi is pretty much what everyone is saying. Low price. Supports node.js. I can go headless with it. PEACE – Jess May 2 '13 at 19:10

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