SQL Error When Running My "Find All Unused Packages" in SCCM 2007 Report Console Asked by: the_ratzenator I am trying to run an SCCM 2007 Report to find all unused Pacakges in my environment and I keep getting this error:

An error occurred when the report was run. The details are as follows: The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'vPkgStatusSummaryDistPts', database 'SMS_PAK', schema 'dbo'. Error Number: -2147217911 Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Native Error: 229

Here is the SQL code I got from here: http://blog.itminutes.net/?p=781

SELECT PackageID, Name, Version, Manufacturer, Language, Description, 
PkgSourcePath AS [Source Path], LastRefreshTime,
(SELECT COUNT(PkgID) FROM vPkgStatusSummaryDistPts WHERE PkgID = v_Package.PackageID) AS [No of DP]
FROM v_Package
PackageID NOT IN (SELECT PackageID FROM v_Advertisement) AND 
PackageID NOT IN (SELECT ReferencePackageID FROM v_TaskSequenceReferencesInfo) AND 
PackageType = 0

This runs in SQL Server Management Studio, but not in my SCCM 2007 Reporting console.

I checked and the "webreport_approle" does exist.

Any help will be much appreciated.



I resolved it. Here was the fix:

GRANT SELECT ON vPkgStatusSummaryDistPts TO webreport_approle

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