We recently replaced a failed controller in an AL connected RAID. I wasn't the one that replaced the controller, but apparently when the new controller was installed something weird happened with the channel IDs/LUNs, but retained the volume configuration. Right now I have it on a single controller, with the channel IDs and LUNs correctly configured, but Solaris isn't seeing the volume (/dev/dsk doesn't have device links for the volumes), even after a boot -r. cfgadm -al shows connected and unconfigured. I tried cfgadm -c c7 configure, but this did not work. fcinfo hba-port shows the connection as offline. Any ideas?

  • I'm a little unclear about the architecture- what type of controller is it? Local raid card in the server, or standalone shared storage? – Basil May 4 '13 at 3:49

Try cycling the port

  • cfgadm -c disconnect
  • cfgadm -c connect
  • cfgadm -c configure
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