I recently looked into replacing my Netgear VPN router with a Linux machine. I have configured it and everything worked perfectly including port forwarding. Except that when I tried to connect to a web hosting company's PPTP server, it failed with error 619. The previous router has no such issue.

I tried to connect another PPTP server (running on Linux) and it connected successfully.

In the Linux router, I forwared 1723 and gre to an internal PPTP server. I thought that they are only needed for incoming PPTP connections not for outgoing..


PPTP is one of those modules that you have to make sure a particular netfilter module is loaded for to permit it through a NAT.

Make sure nf_conntrack_pptp, and nf_nat_pptp. are loaded (check with lsmod, load with modprobe).

  • Timely advice. After loading the modules it worked. Thanks – cuteCAT May 9 '13 at 0:00

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