I'm trying to setup an FTP server so that any machine on the network can upload files to my /var/www/ on my Ubuntu 13.04 LAMP server -- with or without authentication.

I've spent most of the day trying to achieve this, to no resolve. I am ready for a fresh approach...

I've tried using vsftpd and proftpd + gadmin-proftpd -- details, below..

But the issue seems to be that I cannot find a way to get write privileges on /var/www/ via a remote computer. I can ssh in, but when accessing files via nautilus, sftp://[server.ip] - I cannot copy --

The following may be irrelevant: vsftpd.conf has all the things it should - anon_enable and the like, but I can not write files to the server from the client.

proftpd does similar, although I set up an ftpuser + password which it does not accept. In spite of passing the connection test, the client machine still cannot write to the server's /var/www/

SO - since all I am looking to do is use this as a LAN-Only FTP -- perhaps there is another solution that I have not come across, yet.

I've tried some odd dozen tutorials on both vsftpd and proftpd to no avail--

Any advice on this matter would be highly appreciated.

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    If you have iptables enabled you would need the IPTABLES_MODULES="ip_conntrack_ftp" – Vick Vega May 9 '13 at 0:33
  • Thanks- I did, at one point, try $ modprobe ip_conntrack_ftp - However, I don't believe a firewall is the issue, as opening a browser to "ftp://[server's-ip]" -- accepts the server's sudo-username and password -- – rm-vanda May 9 '13 at 0:37

I solved this with the following:

  1. Abandon all ftp server programs--- openssh-server includes sftp
  2. Add authorized user, make sure mode and ownership is correct:

    useradd -G www-data ftpuser

    chmod 775 /var/www/

    chown -R ftpuser /var/www/

  3. sftp ftpuser@server

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