I have values:

10:00 - 505
11:00 - 507
12:00 - 510
13:00 - 525

and i want get graph:

11:00 - 2
12:00 - 3
13:00 - 15

but have per second(munin run every 5 minutes):

11:00 - 2/300
12:00 - 3/300
13:00 - 15/300

how i can make graph per hour?


How you do this depends on what type of data source you're dealing with. On a host that has the plugin for the graph, run munin-run <plugin> config and look for the type attribute of its fields.

If the fields are of type COUNTER or DERIVE, you can just set the graph's graph_period attribute to minute or hour for the graph in question. For example, my mail server isn't tremendously busy, so it makes more sense to show its graphs in messages per minute instead of messages per second. I do that with the following host definition in munin.conf:

    <snip other config>
    sendmail_mailstats.graph_period minute

(This is also a munin FAQ.)

If the fields are of type GAUGE or ABSOLUTE, you'll have to use the cdef attribute to adjust the values accordingly. You'll probably also have to change the graph_vlabel attribute to match your new scaling. An example of that is the nutups2__runtime plugin, which reports UPS runtime in seconds. I prefer to see it in minutes, so I have the following host definition in munin.conf:

    <snip other config>
    nutups2_ups_runtime.battery.cdef battery,60,/
    nutups2_ups_runtime.graph_vlabel Minutes
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  • thanks, var.cdef var,300,* work perfect. – askovpen May 11 '13 at 11:12

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