I've got WSS 3.0 installed on SBS 2003 (side-by-side install with SBS's WSS 2.0). Everything works fine but search.

  • I get no errors or warnings in the event log.
  • I've got all the WSS services running under domain accounts (e.g. not network service)
  • NTLM auth is being used.

When I try to search, I get a basic "No results matching your search were found" page.

I've been banging my head on this one for days and I've just about lost hope. Anyone?

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Well, I did quite a bit to try and get this working, and finally did.

The very last thing I did was to disable the loopback check introduced in 2003 SP1. Searches started working. Since this check is a security enhancement, I re-enabled it, and then added the fully qualified hostname of the Sharepoint site to the list of names mapped to the loopback address, as documented here. Restarted IIS Admin and search is working fine.

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