Is there a way through command line to uninstall the entry under DVD/CD-ROM drives in device manager? Somehow someone applied a GPO on our top level domain and it's affected a number of things, I've resolved the other issues but when users try to access their DVD drive it says Access is Denied. Currently as a workaround if we manually go into device manager and right click and remove the DVD drive and reboot the machine it reinstalls it and then when a user tries to access it, it is fine. I'm wondering if there's a command I can push out to all machines to take care of this without having to run through that manual process on each machine.


There is a tool from Microsoft called devcon.exe that can manipulate devices from the commandline like you're looking for. If you need the x64 version, which I assume you do since this is 2013, you have to jump through a couple of hoops, but it's available and can do what you need it to.

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